Sex during menstruation

The menstrual cycle is a nightmare for almost every woman. At this time they are very nervous and nervous. Not even some women who touch each other during this time can be very dangerous. In some women, the days of menstruation are the same as on the other days of the month. In fact, some women are much more willing to go for menstruation for a few days.
The man is not disturbed in this situation as long as the woman wants it. But before the couple has sex with the women, they ask a question. “Is it harmful to have sex during menstruation?” This question scares them. In general, it is much harder to ask these questions in a society where people live, especially in Turkey, and their sexuality has been shamefully rejected for years due to traditions and customs. So even if couples are ready during menstruation, they are afraid of sex and for that reason have no sex. Let me now explain this topic. Because this problem has become a problem many couples think about during their time. Is it harmful to have sex during menstruation, if you want to ask the question? During menstruation, sex or sex is not harmful to your health. In addition, you do not run the risk of keeping your genitals clean. The community willingly comment on any topic. People think that it is generally harmful because everyone says a word without knowing it. This is mainly because women are considered dirty because they constantly shed blood during menstruation. Now you can have a hard time believing in a truth, be ready! The period of menstruation does not cause any health problems when medically examined. In addition, during menstruation, regular intercourse is also very good for the symptoms that occur during menstruation!
We can add as a footnote during the period of menstruation; Choose a sexual relationship during the shower for a safe sex.

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