Sexuality and Women

Sexuality has been described as a shameful and unpleasant issue in women since childhood. That’s why most of the women’s interest and curiosity is almost always suppressed. So if you have any partner with you or you are in a situation where there is a shyness or stagnation in such matters, you need to treat it as normal. This is not the case in men because men are much more comfortable with such matters and because of the fact that they are entitled to the rights in this society. So do not judge women by yourself. You also give them time to talk about these kinds of topics.
Because women can not ask many important questions, they are getting more ill than men. Alert your partner in this regard. If at all possible go to a doctor or gynecologist at least every 6 months to see if everything is alright. Also, both sides should be careful about the cleanliness of the genital area. Because many diseases and fungi are transmitted this way.
It is common for men to always talk about themselves confidently and to use the withdrawal method during sexual intercourse. Sperm can get in very quickly. So one can reach the egg. Women who know or predict this may be reluctant to live without protection. After sexual intercourse, although the genital area is cleaned, it does not prevent this pregnancy. It is very likely that the part of the sperm entering the inside quickly develops and then causes the pregnancy. If ejaculation of the genital area occurs, the possibility of pregnancy is greatly reduced if the sperm is cleared. But I still have to trust it. Because most people do not know, the sperm can survive for a very long time without losing their effectiveness.
Another cause of reluctance in females is the term of the term. Although some men are sensitive about the period of regl, some men can not imagine that women can not enter into this period. But experts alike warn. Many experts emphasize that sexual intercourse is harmful at this time. Because the infection can become more open in this period. So be more sensitive to the women in this period.
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